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You Need an Expert, Experienced Trial Attorney:

Time Is Not on Your Side in Criminal Cases:

No matter what the Rolling Stones may have suggested, both the court and the prosecution's clocks are ticking and time is of the essence in hiring a qualified and experienced attorney.  If a citizen is accused of a criminal offense, he or she should quickly research and select a Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert Attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.

Failure to get a qualified attorney on board and in your corner from the beginning, can result in your evidence evaporating, or your witnesses disappearing or losing interest in cooperating with you and your attorney.  These factors can cause your legal and factual defenses to be weakened or even lost.

Some individuals have waited to call Mike Rollo's office until after a guilty verdict at trial, wondering what to do next.

Don't wait until after you have been convicted because of your attorney's inexperiece, ineffectiveness, or blunders, thinking that you can straighten out the mess on appeal or in a post-conviction motion:  It may be and often is, TOO LATE !

No attorney can guarantee results at trial or on appeal, but I do guarantee that one of the hardest things to do in ALL of the law, is to undo a criminal conviction.

My Best Advice:

Eliminate the mistakes in your case in the beginning, and do your case the right way - the first time - with a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

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All Rights Reserved

How criminal prosecutions work:

You Need a Knowledgeable Attorney:

From arrest to verdict, an effective criminal trial attorney must always be on his game, vigilantly investigating and closely monitoring the many facets of a criminal prosecution.

Your attorney must be able to recognize and immediately counteract:

    faulty arrests, police misconduct,  pressure, and blunders;

    improper and inadequately conducted investigations;

    false confessions;

    crime-scene errors, forensic  failures, and missing evidence;

    over-zealous prosecutors with unsupported theories and over-charged allegations; and

    witness error, misidentification, bias, interest, exaggeration, and lying, before - and at - trial.

Mr.  Rollo has extensive experience in dealing with these issues and their multiple variations, by having handled nearly a thousand criminal cases and having tried well over a hundred of them to verdict before a jury.

Media Contact / High Profile Cases:

Mr. Rollo's homicide trials have been broadcast live on Court TV (State v. Chavis; State v. McKinney) and reported in real time on multiple television and cable channels; he has been interviewed by Larry King and Connie Chung; he has appeared on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record; on NBC's Dateline; on "E" TV; on Bill Kurtis' Investigative Reports; and on other documentary and investigative programs.

Strategy Consultations:

As your case progresses, Mr. Rollo will give you his best professional  advice and recommendations on the most favorable course of action in  your particular circumstances. However, the responsibility for any final decision that affects your ultimate interests, is yours alone.

Personal Attention:

Only Michael R. Rollo - no associate, junior partner, lawyer-in-training, or paralegal - will handle your case. 

Michael R. Rollo, P.A. © 2006

All Rights Reserved

Don’t Gamble with Your Future:

Who I am and what I offer:

Mike  Rollo was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, and attended local public schools.  After completing dual-degree baccalaureate studies and then working in the offshore oil and gas exploration industry, he returned to academic studies, attending and graduating law school at  The University of Florida, Spessard L. Holland Law Center, Gainesville, Florida.

Mr.  Rollo was licensed by the Florida Bar in January, 1993; he was Board Certified in in Criminal Trial Law in 2003, and recertified in 2008 and 2013; and he has practiced criminal defense trial and appellate law and other general civil law since opening his private practice in January, 1993.

Mr. Rollo is licensed in all Florida courts; in the United States District Court, Northern District of Florida; the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals; and in the United States Supreme Court.

Knowledge of Current Law:

Mike Rollo subscribed to digital and on-line legal research when it first became available in the early 1990's. He uses cutting-edge, computer related, legal research tools and software, with access to all  necessary electronic case and legal resource databases in his trial and appellate law practice.


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